Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Kind of Town

Chicago is . . .
We are moving to Chicago (well Yo is moving first and then Mo will join him when her fellowship at Toronto finishes). The other day Yo officially accepted a position with the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago - YEAH!!! "The Oriental Institute is a research organization and museum devoted to the study of the ancient Near East. Founded in 1919 by James Henry Breasted, the Institute, a part of the University of Chicago, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the archaeology, philology, and history of early Near Eastern civilizations."

The hallowed halls of the University of Chicago

The OI

The library at the OI

His new position will be as Research Associate in the Archaeology of the Southern Levant, which just happens to be exactly what he does. This is the link to the OI website for further information on their programs etc... And here's a map so you can all come and visit.

At the moment Yo is still in Jerusalem, but he'll be back stateside in late August. We will be heading to Chicago to find a place. If anyone has any suggestions or advice on neighborhoods, or Chicago in general send them along. July was a good month for Yo - new book, new job!!