Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back on the Blog

Day one - packing the truck!

We are off to Maitland's Mesa tomorrow. That means packing up a truck with all the provisions 4 people will need for 4 weeks. Here are two images of our intrepid crew - Prof. G, student L and Yo. In these pictures everyone looks pretty clean and happy, we'll see how they look a month from now. We will be eating all things from cans for the next month, not showering and swatting a lot of flies.
We will also be mapping a very interesting mortuary landscape out in the panhandle of Jordan (the eastern desert near the Iraq/Saudi border). This is the site - Maitland's Mesa, which is a basalt capped mesa in the middle of nowhere. But of course at some point in time people were living there.
You can see here the outlines of what we think are animal (think sheep/goat) pens that surround the base of the mesa; some are probably mortuary structures as well. Part of our job will be to record these features and draw them and look for artifacts, which will help date them.
This is what an enclosure (perhaps a burial chamber or some other structure) looks like up close. So we'll be off of the grid for the next month and then we'll update our adventures in the eastern desert! At the end of the month, and after a brief foray into the wonderful world of Petra, we are off to Israel for another season at Marj Rabba. Stay tuned for future updates.