Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

Last month Mo went home to Ingersoll to attend the annual Santa Claus parade. In true Canadian style, rather than snow there was a lot of rain. Here are some of the members of our little group, umbrellas and chairs waiting for the "big man". 
FMK and LL sitting in the rain. Still smiling half an hour in. 
Mo, RMK and MRK also still smiling an hour in, of course the beer in RMK's hand might have a lot to do with the smiles . . . 
Finally the man in the red suit arrives

And even he has an umbrella. Ah the Canadian fall you can never second guess the weather.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On the Road Again

On another adventure in the Middle East, this time Israel. It's been 4 years since Mo was here and a mere two months since Yo's last visit.  We are here mapping a potential dig site (next summer). Here's the overview:
Yo and our friend surveyor extraordinaire JR setting up for mapping. 
The field that might be an amazing Chalcolithic site...
Rock pile - pile of rocks or interesting archaeological site??
If you look closely you can see a wall...
Mo is also here to check out the antiquities shops in the Old City. She and MSC are on the trail of Early Bronze Age pots from Jordan on sale in Israel. Here are a couple of potentials:
A pillar based figurine from the Iron II period. These figurines started the whole adventure in looted antiquities. 
Yo checking out a shop.
Pots for sale