Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Sandstorm

Its difficult to convey a dust storm like the one that hit Amman yesterday. The initial stages appear more like a bit of dusty haze, perhaps with flecks of rain as occurred in this recent storm. By mid-day yesterday, visibility was down to perhaps 200 meters or less (I have no idea how to judge this). On a normal, overcast day, the view from ACOR looks like this:
Thats the University of Jordan on the hill surrounded by trees. By noon yesterday the same view looked like this:
This is the sort of super-fine powder that you start to taste, even if you aren't a mouth breather like myself, as the fine dust works its way into buildings and everything else. It blots out much light just as this post will obliterate (or at least bury) that last post from Dr. Mo! Happily, by the end of the day a stiff wind blew in much cooler, fresh air, sending the dust storm on it's merry way - coming your way Mo!

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