Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Amman

Happy Holidays!! Yo and Mo with the ACOR Christmas tree:We decided (based on the suggestion of our good friend BAP) to document the holiday season in Amman by visiting some of the fancier hotels and having our picture taken with their Christmas trees. Yo and Mo at the Meridien:Yo and our friend LH at the Marriott: Yo at the Hyatt with their very white Christmas Tree. No tree at the Intercontinental but a festive centerpiece:
BAP took this picture of Yo and Mo in front of the tree at the very strange Royale hotel. The Royale was built by Saddam Hussein and is filled with a weird mix of Mesopotamian and Art Deco decor. We went with BAP and Prof. G to the Embassies holiday bazaar. Crowds at the Embassy holiday event.
Mo lasted about 10 minutes - too many people bumping up to her and too many pushy holiday shoppers.
On Christmas Eve we were invited to the farm that our friend E is house sitting in Naur. E is an extraordinary cook and put on a fabulous feast - turkey mole (which E had to explain was mo-lay the sauce and not mole the rodent), fish pie, many types of salad and lots of wine. The company was excellent and the food divine.
The festive table:
Lots of cheer and merriment:
BAP and Yo enjoying the evening:
Reading the cups - our friend LH is an expert at reading people's fortunes in their coffee cups.
The fabulous hostess, thanks so much E!!!On Christmas day we made a pilgrimage to Starbucks and put together a gingerbread house with our pal EC.
We wish all our faithful blog readers the best for 2008!


Sue said...

Looks like you two had fun. I love the tree at the Sadaam hotel, needles are over rated ;-)

Nice job with the gingerbread house!

Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Thanks for all the great pics of y'all.

Jaime said...

Whoa - what fun trees! That looks like a very good way to spend Christmas. Have a great New Year!