Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Approaches to Old Stones

Yes, dear readers, there is a new book out, soon to be climbing the NY Times best seller list and already ranked at 6,914,586 book sales at Amazon!

Dedicated to research concerning ancient stone artifacts from around the world and spanning thousands of years, the book came out last month after about 4 years in the making. Studies include the discovery of quarries for steatite vessels in Egypt during the Islamic period, production of ritually pure chalk vessels for the Jewish population living around Jerusalem during Roman times, fancy luxury bowls in the Maya world (such as the one used for the book cover), the identification of seed grinding in Australia dating to about 27,000 years ago and so much more. And lots of pictures. There is something for everyone.


AMP said...

Woo hooooooooooo!!!!! Congrats!

Uzi said...

Beautiful cover! and a great introduction. Congrats!