Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tall and lean?

Mo and Yo hope to revive the blog soon, and apologies for the long hiatus! But those of you who subscribe to Archaeology, the semi-popular magazine published by the Archaeological Institute of America, may have noticed an article by Nina Burleigh in the Nov/Dec issue entitled "Collecting Pieces of God". For those of you haven't read it from cover to cover, or haven't received your issue yet, the article considers the problem of collectors who buy ancient artifacts looted from archaeological sites. As many of you know, this was the topic of Mo's dissertation and is an issue of concern to archaeologists, collectors, museum professionals, law enforcement, customs officials and local citizens in many parts of the world.

At any rate, Dr. Mo - "tall and lean" is interviewed and quoted rather extensively in the article, which is not available online. But you can see the picture of a major collector in the first page of the article above.

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