Friday, January 23, 2009

Settling in and keeping warm

Little niece F commented that Aunt Mogie should update her blog, so here ya go - here she is in her natural habitat, trying out her new sofa!

Seriously though, we wanted to give you an update of our neighborhood. Now that the President has moved to an even roomier house in DC, E. Hyde Park (E. 51st) is open to general traffice again. Our building is on the corner of that road, so its a relief that this is no longer closed off.
On our way to campus, we pass some very nice buildings. Probably the nicest is the Frank Lloyd Wright two doors down. Mo wants to move in.
Its a pleasant walk, even though it never seems to be above freezing (not in three weeks at least!). Many of the buildings look like the one below.
The snow is very pretty, even if a pain to walk in on a daily basis.

Our local little store, Hyde Park Produce, is in this strip mall, along with the liquor store, drugstore and a few small restaurants.

Below, you can see the caterpillar lady in her new, very warm coat! Thanks B!

The walk ends with another Frank Lloyd Wright house, this one the much better known Robie House (, which is

right across the street from the University of Chicago's business school.

We will post more pictures soon!

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فرانسيس said...

I've never seen the Robie House with snow on it before. How cool!