Thursday, April 23, 2009

Archaeology, Politics and the Media

Many an archaeologist would like to claim, and may even believe, that archaeology has little to do with politics. But you don't have to look far to find archaeology that serves, or is used by, those with an agenda, whether it is for profit, land claims, nationalism or even to support (or disprove) religious beliefs - to name a few possibilities.

Mo is on her way to a symposium planned by Professor Eric Meyers at Duke University entitled Archaeology, Politics and the Media, for Thursday and Friday to address the ways in which archaeology is promoted, used, or misrepresented; it is free and open to the public. Her paper will be on "The Power of the Press Release and Popular Magazines on the Antiquities Trade".

Other interesting stuff includes discussions by other luminaries such as Eric Cline “Fabulous Finds and Fantastic Forgeries: The Distortion of Archaeology by the Media (Pseudoarchaeology)", Jodi Magness "Confessions of an Archaeologist: Lessons I Learned from the Talpiyot Tomb Fiasco and Other Media Encounters” and Eric Meyers “The Quest for the Temple Mount: the Settler Movement and National Parks in Israel”, to name but a few.

You can follow along on the blogosphere through Prof. Mark Goodacre (Duke), who will be posting on twitter at:


Sue said...

Cool. I wish I were going to be in Durham this weekend!

Uzi said...

will it be on tv?

Yorke said...

It might not have made tv!