Friday, May 22, 2009

On the road again

We'll apologize now to our fair readers -- near and far, devoted and not-so-very-ardent -- because we have started our field seasons, which will turn our occassional blogs into rare items. We hope to keep posting where Internet access allows, but that will be intermittent and, especially during much of June, probably non-existent. Hopefully, the new pictures and tales will compensate for the lack of frequency; at any rate they will certainly be more interesting than Yo's occassional whining about the winter weather and difficulty of finding good Thai food in Hyde Park.

Oh, we didn't blog on that yet? See? You should count yourself lucky already!

Mo is currently in Turkey working with the survey team of the Central Lydia Archaeological Survey, a new country for her. Yo is in Israel preparing for the excavations at Marj Rabba, and hopefully will find some time to prepare his paper for a prehistory conference in Amman, Jordan. After that he will join Prof. G back out at Wissad for a few weeks of sun, sand and basalt. Mo will join them in mid-June. In late June, Mo and Yo return to the Galilee to launch the new Chalcolithic excavations.

So, we hope to post more soon. In the meantime, here is another image from the Shiqmim Subterranean world:

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Sue said...

Have fun. Wish I was there. Getting pretty tired of this NSF gig... Hugs to Hisham, Nowall, et al.