Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Homan was right!

Our good friend Michael Homan after seeing our post about Yo's new position at the OI stated "Mo and Yo in the same city, let alone the same state and/or country was too good to be true". He was right. Last month Mo was offered a one year post doctoral fellowship at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology in the Ancient World at Brown University 
( For many of our non-American readers Brown University is in Providence, which is in the state of Rhode island - about an hour drive from Boston. 

This is an image of the new home of the Joukowsky Institute
Mo will be teaching a class on museums and policy in the fall and a class on Middle East Prehistory in the spring - good thing Yo is an an expert in the prehistory of the Middle East and Mo has at least studied prehistory and works in the Middle East! We have checked into flight schedules and Southwest flies direct from Chicago to Providence, so once again we will be a commuter marriage. Come visit either Chicago or Providence!!  

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yervandid said...

Readers of the blog: this is the former home of the Joukowsky Institute! We are now fully moved into our new premises in Rhode Island Hall on the main green of Brown University