Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mo's new job!

Wow - two blog posts in two days, what is the world coming to?? On July 1 Mo finished her postdoc at the Joukowsky Institute at Brown University (sad)
and started her new job as an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at DePaul University (happy). There is no small amount of irony in the fact that Mo is ending up in an anthropology department while Yo works at the Oriental Institute with its near eastern archaeological emphasis.
With over 25,000 students, DePaul is one of the largest private universities where the focus is on teaching.
They have a nationally ranked service-learning program, which integrates the service concept into the curriculum. This means lots of work with the Chicago community. This is similar to the program that Mo completed at UGeorgia where much of the time was spent out and about in the Georgia countryside in small towns and cities working with local communities.

DePaul is on the quarter system, so the academic school year is broken up into 4 sections, rather than 3 like the semester/term system. In the Fall Mo will be teaching two sections of Intro to Archaeology and a Museum Anthropology class. In the Winter she'll be back in Jordan doing the Follow the Pots project and then she'll teach again in the Spring.

When Mo got the job - crazy niece LL told people "Did you know that my Aunt is going to be a real live professor?" Unlike previous jobs where Mo was a fake. It's good to be a real live professor, with a real live job and a condo in an excellent city.


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