Friday, March 16, 2007

Off to Syria

Our official visa documents came through last night so tomorrow we are off to Syria, yeah! At the moment B and A are off getting some money changed. They just sent a text to say that they are drinking lattes at Starbucks... so I am not sure how much money changing is actually taking place. We start out our adventures with two nights in Damascus, ample opportunity for shopping and sightseeing. Then we head to Palmyra (Tadmor) for a night, then to Aleppo and on the way back to Damascus a stop off at Krac de Chevaliers. We hope to visit some wetlands areas (one of us is doing research on marshland regeneration) and some other archaeological sites while out in the countryside. We should be back and posting around March 25th. I leave you with an image of the temple (161-180 CE) on the Amman Citadel. That is Yo in there for scale.

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