Thursday, March 15, 2007

SNOW in Amman!!!

This morning we looked out of the window of our flat only to see a slushy white mess of snow. Adventure time - getting a taxi and making our way over to ACOR, the archaeology center (this image is from the front door at ACOR). Usually this trip takes about 15-20 minutes (including flagging the taxi), today it took about 10 minutes just to get a taxi. We eventually had to abandon our taxi at the top of the very steep ACOR hill, it would have been a perilous trip down in the car, so we walked, or trudged, through the snow. Once at ACOR we started our day by filling out our NCAA brackets, a fun diversion for the fellows. For some hardcore fans the choices were weighed carefully, for others this was an exercise in random selection of recognizable schools. Horrors - some of us didn't even know that the sport was basketball. Y picked Georgetown (home town fave) to go all of the way, I went with the smart $, not Florida, but the usually dependable J-Hawks. Tomorrow our friend L arrives from TO for the CBRL landscape workshop. On Saturday we (Y, M, B and A) start our Syrian adventure. . .

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