Sunday, April 22, 2007

M's Farewell ACOR Dinner

M's last night was a collective meal at ACOR, J. in charge of a magnificent mound of her freshly made spring rolls, curried veggies, salad, beverages and sweets.

M is off to many far flung places such as Canada, Texas and oh yes, Greece. We will all miss her and think it terribly unfair that she abandoned us! But we know that she will have a wonderful time visiting nieces and nephews, commenting on papers about archaeology in war zones, guiding lost students on ferries around the Aegean and Greek dancing. We will expect updates M! This means that although the adventures of yo&mo continue, the chronicler changes for the present. So if you notice quirks, tics and blips, and other inconsistencies, these may be ironed out through time. Or not.

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Mrs. Goodwrench said...

Go Mo! Great to see that Fly America still leaves you with minutes to blog.