Friday, April 13, 2007

Run to the Lowest Point on Earth!

Yo and Miss A completed a 10K this morning with great style. They left bright and early (Yo left the house at 4:45am) and started the run about 7:50am. Their cheering section (Mo, W, J, L, and T) left Amman a few hours later and drove down to the Dead Sea to see them cross the finish line.

As with most things in the Middle East, nothing started on time, which was good for the fans as we were stuck in traffic and rerouted at least three times and ended up going the long way through Madaba. As we drove along the highway we looked for our running pals and finally spotted Miss A, who was way out in front. We rushed on to park the car and see them cross the finish line.

First Miss A (who was among or the first woman to finish the 10K)

And then Yo

The two runners

The Fans

And after the race it was decided that we would treat the runners to the all-you-can-eat buffet at the very posh Movenpick Dead Sea Spa.

Tonight we are off to our favourite happy hour haunt - Nai and then to Fakhr ed-Din, a very tasty Lebanese restaurant. More pictures to follow...

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Mrs. Goodwrench said...

Congratulations to Miss A and Mr. Yo. I'm roud of you. Hope Miss A has a great birthday party. I hate to see your trip come to an end.