Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hello From the Cyclades

Dhaskalio and Keros, were they connected???

While I like Yo's posts, I still think that 3 posts in 5 weeks is lame. Today we have wireless on Koufonisi who knows about tomorrow. I'll try to upload a couple of images from the field season. We are having a great time, even though the weather has been very windy, rainy and cold. We have been dividing our time between two sites - one thought to be the settlement (Dhaskalio) and one where the special deposits (figurine fragments and other special finds) are found on Kavos. One of the research questions we are asking this season is whether in antiquity Dhaskalio and Kavos were connected making for ease of access between the settlement and the "ritual" area.

The above image is some of the field crew working in the special deposit area and the other image is the wait for the "daily commute". As many of you know we work on one island and travel 1/2 hour by boat to the site. Here is an image of me on the boat.

The field school is going well, we have 12 students (7 Canadians and 5 Americans) who all seem to be enjoying themselves. They have lectures every day, which I find tiring so they must be exhausted. Okay I am signing off and hoping that this uploads as it should. Hopefully more this week.


Mrs. Goodwrench said...

Hoping this reaches you.

I'm wondering what the concensus of opinion is about the connection of the islands.

You write good Post cards, Mo.hanks

MMK and YMR said...

I don't know, I think ONE blog in five weeks is even lamer. Oh sure, you SAY you just discovered you have wifi, but really that was just so your long suffering husband would have to check your THREE email accounts for you while you are off on a cool excavation! Keep trying to blog some more, those are great pictures.

AmpiezzaDiVedute said...

Hi Mo!!! Great pictures... I bet there are a lot of tasty fish to eat in that water... but you must really be roughing it without the vat of rancid grease and bucket of salt that you became so accustomed to here at ACOR. :)

Walter Ward said...

Well Mo, its my last day here in Jordan and I'm very glad that you've been able to post unlike someone we all know! I enjoyed meeting you and your lame husband, and I will keep to blog updated every now and then on baby news (and my trip to Italy)

Mac&Fi's Daddy said...

Wow I would think that some time in the sunny med might make you a little less crabby willy ,but I guess I was wrong. Stop hakin on my buddy!It sure dosen't look cold,windy and rainy in those pics
whiney jones.

love R