Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hot Off the Press!!

Ok, pretty hot off the press!

The book that Dr. Mo and colleagues edited actually came out some months ago, but in the world of academic publishing, that is yesterday. And while the reviews of such books traditionally take years to appear in print, the "internets" is changing that, slowly. Now many book reviews are being placed on line. The positive review of their book Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade (University Press Florida) by a well known archaeologist who specializes in South American archaeology and heritage is great news and a feather in the collective caps of the editors.

Although it may not seem like much of an "adventure" to an outsider, editing such a thing can certainly rate as an adventure -- but the kind many choose not to relive! Oh, and if you would like to read the review, you can find it here. It is a glowing review that includes phrases such as "This superb, valuable, and balanced volume is comprised of a well presented selection of case studies" and "...outstanding volume is a must-read for any scholar interested in museums, cultural heritage, and the traffic in illegal antiquities."


Jason Baird Jackson said...

Glad that you found the review. We (Museum Anthropology Review) provide copies of the reviews in PDF form to publishers in lieu of the older tradition of mailing tearsheets. Our hope is that authors/book editors will get these from their publishers, but this custom seems to not always be observed among publishers these days. Best wishes in your work.

AmpiezzaDiVedute said...

Congrats, Dr. Mo! You are also "superb, valuable, and balanced." :)