Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Send Off

Living in a transient community like ACOR we learn to hate saying goodbye to people, especially those who are particularly fun. Last night we said so long to Mr. A, who regularly held court on the back porch. After a few light beverages, Miss A, E, Yo and A, the Man of the Hour, headed off to Reem al-Bawady, a favorite place for the relaxed atmosphere, delicious mezzas and grilled meats, and of course, the hubbly bubbly.

But the highlight was the search for the perfect slide at an amusement park. Our first nearby slide at the Pollo Ranchero was rejected as too small, soft, deflated, and in fact, we were afraid they wouldn't want us near anyone's kids.

So we walked down Garden Street, something most of us had never done, passing charming shops along the way that we had never noticed before.

Finally we found the carnival-like place that we had often noticed with a magnificent blow-up slide. Miss A treated the gang, and away we went, first A and E, the film of which will soon be one of the most popular on YouTube.

A, we will miss you!

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