Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday High Jinks

This month our nephew MRK and our niece LL had birthdays. Going back to school, the summer ending, and having a birthday in one month all makes for a lot of adventure and high jinks.

LL turns 5
Here is LL with her 12 Dancing Princess cake:
And the aftermath of eating the cake:

And martinis for the parents:MRK turns 6

CR plays a tune, following in her father's footsteps:

Smile for the camera . . .Even if you don't have snow in Canada you can still use a sled, it just takes a little more effort:

All that effort requires food - feeding the masses:
FMK helps celebrate her big brother's birthday. She looks angelic, but really she is the female version of my brother at age 3 and a half, enough said. Sometimes you dress like a lion to help celebrate a birthday:

And sometimes you dress like a Princess:

Apparently the whole gang thought it would be a good idea to dress up:Happy Birthday MRK:After all the cake and play and fun you sometimes just have to relax:

And just a reminder to be thankful for good drivers and sturdy SUVs, last year when we all piled into the huge honking family SUV to attend MRK's birthday party we has a small mishap on the way. I ended up looking like this:

For a while I was sporting the very fashionable "three eyebrow" look, but I am much improved. We are very glad that we made it to the birthday bash safely this year. Happy Birthday MRK and LL.

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