Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of Grade One

Today our niece LL started grade one at her new school St. Pius X.

She was up and dressed at 6:00am, raring to go. She picked out her own outfit and she looked good. In consultation with her folks I decided to head to the university as I normally do, that way LL wouldn't be overwhelmed by big people - her mom, her dad and her crazy aunt. I called her dad later to find out how it went and everything was fine and dandy. Apparently after she finished her breakfast she ran upstairs, brushed her teeth, did her hair and grabbed her backpack and announced - "Let's go, I'm ready". Her mom - not so ready...
On Friday we made a trial run to the school to check out her classroom and meet her new teacher, Mrs. Cherevaty. Visiting the classroom for the first time outfit:

The apple tree with the names of all of the students in the class.

Her desk, with her name. There are three Olivia's in her class, but only one Livy, which is what we call her. It was good to have a trial run.

Our nephew MRK also started grade one today, but I will have to get the pictures from his mom and dad on the weekend before can post about his first day. Grade one is very exciting.


Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

This makes me nervous about going back to school. Why don't my teachers have apple signs with my name?!?

MMK and YMR said...

Because of that thing you do with your eyes, you know, where the blood squirts out? That scares them.

MMK and YMR said...

And you aren't going into grade one. Apples are only for grade one.

Sue said...

I use cut out skull name tags for my classes ;-) Fun to see the alphabet in the first picture...too bad they'll teach her how to say "z" incorrectly.