Friday, January 11, 2008

Antartica Fun Facts: Animal House Version

We've been closely following the unfolding news about Antartica and fun facts over at the Life of Wiley blog, but we noticed many stories about penguins, cyanobacteria, cephalopods and other such ocean detritus (oh, and how much warmer it is than South Bend!). But what we did not see was the reason for the trip.

But this news story offers a clue to the true purpose of the trip. Who needs Padre Island or Daytona Beach?

Hopefully things have calmed down since Christmas. If not, watch out Wiley, mom is going to be tired when she gets back!

Have a good trip, and be good boys!


Sue said...

The truth is out!! I thought they had that story buried deep enough, damn.

They forgot to mention the foraging parties on the ice in search of the "Stargate", my one true reason for going.

Jaime said...

Can you imagine how crazy it will be once she actually arrives? Man, we'll all have to be watching the Antarctic news at that point....

Yorke said...

You may need to get a new cluster map for your blog; all your new Antartic friends won't show up because its not on the map.
Or perhaps blogs haven't really caught on among the flippered crowd.

Sue said...

No blogging from the Penninsula unfortunately. Only McMurdo and a few of the research bases. Bummer. Just knowing the dot is there would've been good enough. But at least I should be able hit Argentina twice.

I won't have time anyway as I look for the Stargate. Or Richard Dean Anderson, either would be fine ;-)