Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Late Christmas Lunch at ACOR

You might remember the gingerbread house we constructed around Christmas time, a fun project that helped bring a bit of holiday spirit to ACOR. That house decorated the front room of ACOR for some weeks before the big Christmas lunch, which occurred much later (in mid-January) for a variety of reasons. That large lunch included the employees and their families, so Abed, Naif and Said's children came and were fascinated by the gingerbread house. If you remember, originally it looked like this. (Yo is particularly proud of his icicles hanging from the eaves!). Well, actually, in this picture the chimney is missing already because Yo ate it long ago!

But it was time to decide what to do with the house. Figuring that no one would care too much if the house had been sitting out for a few weeks, we declared it open season on the gingerbread house.

This was popular, and within minutes the house looked like this:

Yo helped with the devouring, and helped 'raise the roof', although the candies proved more popular than the rather cardboardish house structure of gingerbread.

In the end there was not a candy left, and although it looks like a tornado hit it, it was clear many enjoyed this novel experience.


Walter Ward said...

What? Too busy reading abstracts to do some exploring in Disneyland?

Yorke said...

Finally did, today! Will post soon...or perhaps I could post a long one on the trip to Ireland 4 months ago?