Monday, April 21, 2008

Conversations Overheard

Niece #1 to Nephew #1 - Why are you so crusty (the term we use in our family to refer to people who are very cranky). You are a real crusty mccrusty.

Nephew#1 to Niece #1 - I don't know.

Niece #1 to Nephew #1 - You should eat your vegetables, they make you feel better and they don't make you crusty.

Nephew#1 to Niece #1 - I am NOT eating any vegetables, only Pokemon makes me feel better.

Niece #1 to Nephew #1 -You should still eat your vegetables it really helps.

Niece #2 - I eat my vegetables (sometimes) and they always make me feel better.

I was the only adult at home during this exchange and none of the parents believed me when I related the story, except for the part when Nephew #1 says he isn't going to eat any vegetables.

Vegetables are the key to happiness.


Michael Homan said...

Vegetables, or Pokemon.

MMK and YMR said...

It's definitely a toss up - Pikachoo is pretty cute. said...

what about those fish fingers shaped like fish (sort of) they can make you pretty happy...