Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanging with the Rellies in Paradise

Yo and I are very fortunate to have some very generous relatives. At various times throughout our married life we have "stayed" with Yo's brother and my sister while one of us (Yo) was overseas. At the moment I (Mo) am living with my roomie BDL: usually it's just me, BDL, Kitty and Davidson hanging in Bloor West Village. It's a lot of fun, watching bad TV (usually a variation of CSI or Law and Order) and having someone around when you get home from a bad day at work (for BDL) or the library for me. One of the other perks of living with relatives is spending time with our nieces and nephews. I was very fortunate to have an adventure with LL (daughter of MRK and BDL) in March. Her parents had "some business" to take care of in Canouan - a small island in the Grenadines, so I went halfway through their stay to "help" out with LL (which involved singing a lot of tunes from High Musical II and swimming in the luxury pool).
We stayed at the Raffles Resort. The resort is set on 300 acres of a 1200-acre private estate featuring three secluded, white sand beaches, all surrounded by one of the world's largest coral reefs. The Raffles Resort is set amphitheatre style around the protected bay with each of the 156 single and double story luxury villas offering breathtaking views. I leave you to decide whether being the crazy aunt is a tough life or not....
For those of you who have met my sister you know that we are quite different people. She is typically 1st class while I am definitely 3rd class or coach, so this was my first adventure in real luxury. It started with a small plane from Barbados to Canouan - for Raffles Resort people only.
LL and I played a lot of "chase the my little pony".
We ate a lot at the breakfast buffet . . .

We "surfed" a lot . . .

We made pizza at the kids club.

We swam all day, every day. For sure LL was the first person in the pool everyday without fail.

We had drinks at the swim up bar . . . Virgin pina colada for LL, dry martini for me.Then we played with the little umbrellas that came in our drinks from the swim up bar.

We hung out with LL's mom - MRK.

And finally we read books as we traveled home on the "private jet".It was an awesome trip (although I did have some heat rash). HUGE THANKS LL, MRK and BDL!


Michael Homan said...

Two posts in 24 hours? Slow down Yo and Mo, take a few weeks off.

Clare or Shan said...

Wow sooo awesome!!
When I get my private jet...I'm going there!